Welcome Dawn “Bloggers”…or should I say fellow “Dawners” as we embark on the dawn of a new era, which it certainly is here on P&O Cruises’ Pacific Dawn. I am fortunate enough to be Head of the Hotel Department, responsible for the largest department onboard this floating hotel. Home porting out of beautiful Sydney Harbour, Pacific Dawn is a sleek and graceful lady that safely carrys both passengers and crew to exotic locations in the South Pacific.

savu-savuToday we arrived at Savu Savu – a beautiful fishing township in Fiji. With Black Pearl farms, cultural villages, hot springs and even a coconut processing plant, there is much to explore. This morning we were greeted with perfect sunshine, blue skies, 26 degrees and a cool breeze, I sound like a brochure – but its hard not to.



After several days at sea from Sydney, the passengers were eager to explore and experience what this island had to offer. Maybe they will tell you all about it when they return back home.

I will certainly have more for you next time. For now, I must go and attend to the returning guests from their exiting day ashore.

Will catch up with you all again soon. Smooth Seas until next time,

Hotel Director