Hello all
I have to share a fantastic experience with you today.
gently-does-it1Passengers on this cruise had the unique opportunity to send mail home from “Tin Can Island”, official name Niuafo’ou, Tonga.  A remote island in the Pacific, nicknamed from a unique way of sending mail. 

This tradition started back in the early 1900’s when a local used to swim out to passing ships to deliver and receive mail via a biscuit tin. Yesterday we had a chance to send mail via our own sealed tins. The “Boson” did a great job making the tins.      

All the cards and letters posted by passengers and crew were specially postmarked “Mail sent via Tin Can from Pacific Dawn”.  Wow, what a memory!    

Out the locals come, about a mile offshore, eager to collect the tins, the small fee we pay and some gifts we have hidden in the can.    

Preparing to let em’ have it. We put flags of interest on the tins: P&O for the company, Australian and of course an Italian flag for the Captain.     


Gently does it, precious cargo going over the side. Never mind, the tins are waterproof and the mail is in safe hands. Watched eagerly by the owners of the mail. 


Last one, the Captains mail “always should be the last to leave a ship”.   No worries it’s all in good hands.  


The guys did a great job and all had a memory of a lifetime to share. The question remains as to when it will arrive though!
We then sailed off into the midday sun and onwards to our next adventure…

Smooth seas until next time.
Hotel Director