I often get questions about sea sickness from people who are yet to go on a cruise.

I rarely feel green on this modern superliner – they really handle the weather very well.  In fact, some old “sea dogs” say that its all in the mind………..maybe so for the long time sailor spending all his time on the “Motion of the Ocean”.   

There are a few other remedies which an old sailor once told me which include gently slapping the face of the Captain with a flounder 3 times (not at the first Captain’s Cocktail Party though)…flounder…drinking a glass of iced water whilst standing on one leg and then singing “God Save the Queen” , our Australian passengers have reported good results with “Waltzing Matilda” and lastly a long time favourite of having a wee tot of Navy Rum before bed.

Here are some more practical remedies available for the prevention and treatment of seasickness or “Mal de Mer”:

eating green apples
ginger tablets
wrist bands
avoid excess alcohol / heavy or spicy foods
avoid strong food odours
if it gets rough, locate yourself to the middle of the ship, as low down as possible. The atrium would be a good spot.
avoid reading or watching TV if you feel nauseous
fresh air helps some – take a walk on the Promenade deck
The BEST remedy is seeing the on board doctor on the first day of the cruise for advice and “the needle’ which seems to be the only reliable treatment if you are really going to be sick. It seems to be able to reset your balance mechanism and often settles the nausea for the whole cruise.


Hotel Director