president-of-ni-vanuatuHello again
Hope you have enjoyed our articles so far and found them an interesting insight into our world.  Nice to see so many of you are out there interacting on our Blog and getting to know each other.

On a recent cruise I had another occasion to be proud of working on the first dedicated “Superliner” out of Australian waters – we had the priveledge to sail with us, on their holidays I might add, the President of Ni-Vanuatu and his family. Ni-Vanuatu as many of you might know is the country consisting of Pacific Islands we visit almost every cruise and favourites for many.        
Wow – a head of state dignitary sailing onboard our ship, on holiday being able to relax and enjoy what we have to offer!
Apart from the usual activities that he, the first lady and their three sons were able to enjoy, we requested a get together with our Vanuatu crew onboard. We have 17 Vanuatu nationals working onboard in various positions which we are very proud.
They work tirelessly without once dropping their smiles and representing their islands from a far. Some of you may recognize them from your past travels. I certainly appreciate knowing them all by name. 
president-of-ni-vanuatu-family-and-crew1During the get together, the leader of the crew made a welcoming speech, presented a personal gift that they had purchased themselves and as a finale, they sang the Ni Vanuatu national anthem. The President responded with a speech and a gift back to the crew and his people.

We all had a chance for refreshments, to talk to the president and take pictures to remember this unique occasion.              
We remain proud of all the crew onboard the Pacific Dawn. 

Smooth seas until next time.
Hotel Director