Simon in the tunnels

Hi Everyone

 The Hotel Director’s role encompasses all aspects of the Hotel Operation.  In order to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness on the ship it is sometimes necessary to get into some strange places.  Sometimes a screw-driver is required to dismantle pieces of equipment to check that they are thouroughly clean. 

The problem today was how do you check that the kids climbing frame in the Turtle Cove is perfectly cleaned and sanatised.  Well, there is only one way, get in it. 


Simon on the playmat

After climbing nets, squeeezing through holes, crawling down tubes and sliding down slides I am pleased to report that the area was spotless. 

Simon on the slide

I wonder if the night cleaners have as much fun cleaning it as I had inspecting it?

I’m sorry some of the photos are a litle fuzzy, but I was more focused on the inspection, and generally enjoying myself.