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The BeachGood evening,
Sitting here in my office with a slightly sun burned nose after a spectacular day in Nuku’Alofa. I was lucky enough to have a local friend who took us to this amazing place called D-‘Oholei Beach and Hina’s Cave.
cliff edge

The beach is surrounded by striking cliff formations and caves. The ship has an official tour that takes you there, so I got to experience this day with around 50 of our guests onboard.

A superb local lunch was served on banana bark inside one of the caves.
Banana Bark

This was followed by a local show inside the one of the bigger caves. Truly an astonishing experience well worth the sunburned nose.

Traditional Dancers
Food & Beverage Director
Thomas on the Beach


During my last 10 years at sea I’ve had the pleasure to do many spectacular sailaways from many renowned ports around the globe. There is no doubt that a sailaway from Sydney is one of the most striking in the world. Yesterday we had the best possible start to the cruise with the most amazing weather and as you can see from the photos we had an astonishing sunset to wave us farewell.
Hopefully you will be able to join me one day to experience first hand what I am fortunate to be doing right now.  This is truly a memory that will stay with me forever.     
Food & Beverage Director

Hello all,
I just came back with the tender from Port Denerau Fiji, totally soaked I might add!


We had to do some local purchases of fresh vegetables – mainly pumpkins. I sincerely believe that we must be one of the biggest consumers of pumpkins on the Seven Seas. With guests and crew consuming an average of 13 tonnes of Food & Beverage per day, sometimes supplies can get a little low. Anyway, it was an excuse for a nice little excursion in the rain.

Now I’m dry and we are well stocked up on pumpkins again.

Food & Beverage Director

Good morning,

I am the Food & Beverage Director onboard Pacific Dawn. I am responsible for about 330 crew members working in the bars, galleys and restaurants. They certainly keep me busy!

Just this cruise we introduced our new dinner menus onboard.


This new initiative ensures that our most popular dishes remain on the menu every day. I thought it would be an enormous challenge to introduce the new menus across the ship, because we have had to train all our cooks, and dining room staff, but it has been smooth – a great start for all involved.

The menus were created by our Corporate Executive Chef, Uwe Stiefel, and our Manager of F&B Operations, Lars Kristiansen. I managed to squeeze in Wasabi Mash (a huge fan!) as part of one of the regular dishes. I am pleased to say that it was the most popular dish served last night. Stewed Beef Cheeks & Garlic Prawns with Wasabi Mash – our very own Surf & Turf – is not to be missed.  I wish you could sample them right off the page but you will have to wait until you are onboard!

When you have the opportunity to sail with us I hope that you will find your introduction to cruising life above expectations and agreeable to your many varied tastes.    

Cheers & culinary regards

Food & Beverage

thomas-fpfbBorn in Beautiful Stockholm Sweden, lives in Sunny California. In charge of the Food & Beverage Operation onboard and a team of 330 crew members of PD.

Worked on the most famous Ocean Liner, World’s biggest Ocean Liner and Australia’s First Super Liner.

Have had the fantastic opportunity to work with what I love the most for the last 10 years – Wine, Food and Travelling.


Here, the Pacific Dawn crew will share what life is really like onboard.

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