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If you have cruised before, you will know that the last formal night is a big celebration to mark the end of a fantastic holiday.

Here comes the parade of Baked Alaskas – a long-time cruising tradition.

Here comes the parade of Baked Alaskas – a long-time cruising tradition.

It is a chance for the crew to get involved too, with a spectacular parade of Baked Alaska desserts and a Champagne Waterfall. (Did you know, there are more than 750 glasses used in the Waterfall!!!)
Pacific Dawn has added its own flair to this cruising tradition by including a laser light show called Vizion.

The spectacular laser light show, Vizion, lights up Pacific Dawn’s atrium.

The spectacular laser light show, Vizion, lights up Pacific Dawn’s atrium.

Kids join in the fun as balloons fall from the ceiling.

Kids join in the fun as balloons fall from the ceiling.

Hope to see you on a cruise with us soon!
Cruise Director


Chapters Book Club Logo_FINAL

Hello cruisers!
This cruise marks a new chapter for Pacific Dawn! We are launching Chapters Book Club, P&O Cruises’ first book club at sea. Passengers will be able to get together a few times each cruise to discuss books of past and present.

Tony ParkTo celebrate Chapters, we have guest author, Tony Park, sailing on the current cruise to facilitate the sessions (from Sydney to Tonga). Tony is an Australian author who has five published books with a sixth one out in August. His latest, Silent Predator, is the focus of the book club sessions. Tony spends half the year on safari in Africa, so make sure you share a yarn or two… he has many stories to tell!
Happy Reading, see you at Chapters!
Cruise Director

Tony Park onboard Pacific Dawn – our first Chapters Book Club guest author.

Hello cyber space! Zoltina-J here with the latest entertainment news on the Pacific Dawn.

Last night we held the International crew show. This is where the crew of Pacific Dawn come out on stage and show off their hidden talents, which are many!
international-crew-showWe had crew from accommodation, food and beverage, laundry and the youth departments entertaining our passengers. The international show lounge was packed for both shows – cheering on the crew as they took to the stage!

It’s a very scary feeling stepping out of your comfort zone and into the limelight – I should know, because I do it every day. It is a daunting feeling but they took to the stage as true professionals. I was very proud!

The theatre came to life with music as the crew came out and sung wonderful love songs, showed off their culture by performing traditional dances from Indonesia and the Philippines. We even had a special guest appearance from Michael Jackson and the “Macho Men”!
crew-after-the-showThe audience loved the show and the crew lapped up the attention. It’s not every day they can show off what they do in their off time.
A big round of applause, well done to the crew of the Pacific Dawn, you made us all very proud to be working on such a wonderful ship.
Have fun everyone and we will talk again soon!

Cruise Director

Hello fellow cruise enthusiasts! My name is Zoltina-J. I am the Cruise Director on the beautiful Pacific Dawn.Originally from Manly in NSW but I currently live in the UK. Today is a glorious day at sea. The seas are calm and the sun is shining!

Last night we had a ship full of Pirates, roaming the decks, running a muck, all for the new production show “Pirates of the Pacific” starring the Pacific Entertainers and Pacific Showband.


This new production show gets the audience involved, either by going fishing, firing cannons or dressing fellow buccaneers. It was great seeing not just kids getting dressed up and into the spirit of it, but also adults of all ages.

I was asked if people get dressed up like this every cruise? This made me think how involved Australians get when it comes to theme nights and fancy dress. Its a great feeling when I see so many people getting involved either by being Pirates, Island Girls (that goes for both Men and Women) or Cowboys.

PirateI love this job as there is never a dull moment!

Remember this when you are packing for your next cruise: we have many theme nights for your chance to impress. Keep in mind the longer the cruise, the more theme nights you get!

I have to run, I need to prepare to be a Cowboy…

Talk to you again soon.

Cruise Director


Here, the Pacific Dawn crew will share what life is really like onboard.

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