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Hi Everyone

 Today we were at Mystery Island, a firm favourite for anybody who has travelled around the South Pacific, but it was the first time I had the opportunity to get ashore here for a few years. 

 The centre of Mystery Island is a grass runway which stetches the length of the Island, which is used by small planes to bring in supplies and also the port officials who clear the ship on arrival. 

It appears that there has been rapid expansion because this runway, located between coconut palms and beach, now has a terminal building; sorry guys, no sign of the duty free shop yet!

Traditionally the outrigger was used to access mystery Island from the mainland.

Traditionally the outrigger was used to access mystery Island from the mainland.


Mystery Island Runway

Mystery Island Runway

Mystery Island Airport.

Mystery Island Airport.


Mystery Island Terminal

Mystery Island Terminal


Pacific Dawn at Sunrise

This is a great photo taken last week of Pacific Dawn passing under the Harbour Bridge as she arrived in Sydney at around 6am.   The photo was taken by one of our Head Office staff members, Bruce Peters, and was so good we thought we would share it with you.

The BeachGood evening,
Sitting here in my office with a slightly sun burned nose after a spectacular day in Nuku’Alofa. I was lucky enough to have a local friend who took us to this amazing place called D-‘Oholei Beach and Hina’s Cave.
cliff edge

The beach is surrounded by striking cliff formations and caves. The ship has an official tour that takes you there, so I got to experience this day with around 50 of our guests onboard.

A superb local lunch was served on banana bark inside one of the caves.
Banana Bark

This was followed by a local show inside the one of the bigger caves. Truly an astonishing experience well worth the sunburned nose.

Traditional Dancers
Food & Beverage Director
Thomas on the Beach

Noumea Port

Bonjour Monsieur et Madame Blog!

I am pleased to tell you that this morning we arrived in Noumea and, despite the slightly overcast weather this afternoon, the passengers have had a fantastic day.

The beautiful port of Noumea was our first stop on this 28 day cruise and as it was Sunday the harbour was busy with a flotilla of small pleasure craft weaving their way between the luxury yachts and our superliner.

Noumean welcoming committeeTri colore flies on Pacific Dawn

Staytuned to the blog as I expect this cruise will turn up some interesting stories as we cruise Tonga, Fiji and Tahiiti.

I’m now off for some local cheese, a glass of vin rouge and a lovely freshly baked baguette!

Bon appetit and au revoir.

Passenger Services Director

president-of-ni-vanuatuHello again
Hope you have enjoyed our articles so far and found them an interesting insight into our world.  Nice to see so many of you are out there interacting on our Blog and getting to know each other.

On a recent cruise I had another occasion to be proud of working on the first dedicated “Superliner” out of Australian waters – we had the priveledge to sail with us, on their holidays I might add, the President of Ni-Vanuatu and his family. Ni-Vanuatu as many of you might know is the country consisting of Pacific Islands we visit almost every cruise and favourites for many.        
Wow – a head of state dignitary sailing onboard our ship, on holiday being able to relax and enjoy what we have to offer!
Apart from the usual activities that he, the first lady and their three sons were able to enjoy, we requested a get together with our Vanuatu crew onboard. We have 17 Vanuatu nationals working onboard in various positions which we are very proud.
They work tirelessly without once dropping their smiles and representing their islands from a far. Some of you may recognize them from your past travels. I certainly appreciate knowing them all by name. 
president-of-ni-vanuatu-family-and-crew1During the get together, the leader of the crew made a welcoming speech, presented a personal gift that they had purchased themselves and as a finale, they sang the Ni Vanuatu national anthem. The President responded with a speech and a gift back to the crew and his people.

We all had a chance for refreshments, to talk to the president and take pictures to remember this unique occasion.              
We remain proud of all the crew onboard the Pacific Dawn. 

Smooth seas until next time.
Hotel Director

During my last 10 years at sea I’ve had the pleasure to do many spectacular sailaways from many renowned ports around the globe. There is no doubt that a sailaway from Sydney is one of the most striking in the world. Yesterday we had the best possible start to the cruise with the most amazing weather and as you can see from the photos we had an astonishing sunset to wave us farewell.
Hopefully you will be able to join me one day to experience first hand what I am fortunate to be doing right now.  This is truly a memory that will stay with me forever.     
Food & Beverage Director

Hello all,
I just came back with the tender from Port Denerau Fiji, totally soaked I might add!


We had to do some local purchases of fresh vegetables – mainly pumpkins. I sincerely believe that we must be one of the biggest consumers of pumpkins on the Seven Seas. With guests and crew consuming an average of 13 tonnes of Food & Beverage per day, sometimes supplies can get a little low. Anyway, it was an excuse for a nice little excursion in the rain.

Now I’m dry and we are well stocked up on pumpkins again.

Food & Beverage Director

Hello all
I have to share a fantastic experience with you today.
gently-does-it1Passengers on this cruise had the unique opportunity to send mail home from “Tin Can Island”, official name Niuafo’ou, Tonga.  A remote island in the Pacific, nicknamed from a unique way of sending mail. 

This tradition started back in the early 1900’s when a local used to swim out to passing ships to deliver and receive mail via a biscuit tin. Yesterday we had a chance to send mail via our own sealed tins. The “Boson” did a great job making the tins.      

All the cards and letters posted by passengers and crew were specially postmarked “Mail sent via Tin Can from Pacific Dawn”.  Wow, what a memory!    

Out the locals come, about a mile offshore, eager to collect the tins, the small fee we pay and some gifts we have hidden in the can.    

Preparing to let em’ have it. We put flags of interest on the tins: P&O for the company, Australian and of course an Italian flag for the Captain.     


Gently does it, precious cargo going over the side. Never mind, the tins are waterproof and the mail is in safe hands. Watched eagerly by the owners of the mail. 


Last one, the Captains mail “always should be the last to leave a ship”.   No worries it’s all in good hands.  


The guys did a great job and all had a memory of a lifetime to share. The question remains as to when it will arrive though!
We then sailed off into the midday sun and onwards to our next adventure…

Smooth seas until next time.
Hotel Director

Welcome Dawn “Bloggers”…or should I say fellow “Dawners” as we embark on the dawn of a new era, which it certainly is here on P&O Cruises’ Pacific Dawn. I am fortunate enough to be Head of the Hotel Department, responsible for the largest department onboard this floating hotel. Home porting out of beautiful Sydney Harbour, Pacific Dawn is a sleek and graceful lady that safely carrys both passengers and crew to exotic locations in the South Pacific.

savu-savuToday we arrived at Savu Savu – a beautiful fishing township in Fiji. With Black Pearl farms, cultural villages, hot springs and even a coconut processing plant, there is much to explore. This morning we were greeted with perfect sunshine, blue skies, 26 degrees and a cool breeze, I sound like a brochure – but its hard not to.



After several days at sea from Sydney, the passengers were eager to explore and experience what this island had to offer. Maybe they will tell you all about it when they return back home.

I will certainly have more for you next time. For now, I must go and attend to the returning guests from their exiting day ashore.

Will catch up with you all again soon. Smooth Seas until next time,

Hotel Director


Here, the Pacific Dawn crew will share what life is really like onboard.

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