PSD Simon TromanHi to all Bloggers! I recently joined Pacific Dawn in the exciting role as Hotel Director.

Born in the United Kingdom, I joined my first ship, the original Pacific Princess (also known as The Love Boat), in October 1987 in Marseilles France.

I joined Pacific Dawn on 5 May 2009 and what really stands out about P&O Cruises are our fantastic Australian and New Zealand passengers who make my job a pleasure, and secondly the crew – the friendliest I have ever worked with!

With a team of dedicated colleagues I head up a department that offers you Food and Beverage, Accommodation, Entertainment, Medical Services, Casino, Boutiques, Photography , Shore Excursions, Spa Services, Laundry,  Art, logistics, banking administration and many other facilities.

I look forward to meeting you onboard Pacific Dawn soon.



Well I must say I have had a wonderful experience “Down Under” as Cruise Director of Pacific Sun and Pacific Dawn and I now look forward to a nice vacation starting in Sydney for a few days and then with my family in the United Kingdom.
David Pepper Cruise Director

I will take many happy memories with me after my first contract with P&O Australia – mainly how positive the Australian and New Zealand passengers are and how they enjoy life to the full A great experience!
Well that’s it I’m off now and when I return I will be talking about how our England Cricket Team won the Ashes this summer in the UK. Thank You Australia for a great few months.

David Pepper
Cruise Director

Hi Everyone,
Thank you so much for all your questions on the blog. As you can imagine, we’re extremely busy doing our day jobs on the ship, which makes it hard to answer all your queries individually.
 I thought the best way to respond would be to collect a few of your questions on similar topics and answer them all in one whenever time allows.
So here goes!

PiratesTheme nights:

…could you let me know what the theme nights will be……so we can be prepared…..and how many formal nights. we have been on many cruises and just love them!!!

Everyone loves our theme nights – they’re a huge hit! The actual nights change on each cruise so we only advise passengers of the schedule once they’re on board.
But I can tell you we usually have an Island Night and an Outback (country and western) night on each cruise. On Island Night everyone wears their sarongs, coloured tropical shirts & island hats, while on Outback night we see plenty of checked shirts and cowboy hats. If we have time on a cruise, sometimes we add a Rock and Roll night. And then there’s our “Pirates of the Pacific” show, which a lot of passengers love to dress up for.

Formal Nights

“We are sailing on the Dawn in two weeks and it is our first cruise. I have a question about the formal dinners please. Does my husband have to have a suit or will a navy jacket and grey slacks be suitable.

We usually have two formal nights on our seven to 11 night cruises, and three formal nights on our 12 – 14 night sailings.   The dress code for men on cocktail nights is a suit, or sports jacket and tie. Just follow the link below for more information: Please remember the dress code is encouraged for entry into the Palm Court Dining Room.

ChristmasChristmas and New Year Cruises:

“What happens on board the Xmas and NYE cruises? – Activities etc? …We will be on Ouvea for Xmas day, what happens there? Can we bring a small pressie for the kids to open on Xmas morning?”

Every year passengers rave about our Christmas activities, which include a Christmas village made out of candy and other yummy things, fun ice-carving demonstrations and a special visit from Santa with gifts for the children.  We also celebrate with plenty of Christmas food including a traditional Christmas turkey dinner, plus we have carol services and various shows geared towards the holidays.
Activities for cruises are not released before we sail, but we will certainly let you know about all our themed activities once you’re onboard, via our daily newsletter.
Of course you can bring presents on board for your children. Plus, you may want to bring something for the local children who usually come to greet you when the ship calls at their port!  However, please remember some items may be barred by their customs and we do not suggest any food as gifts.

Kids ClubKids Club

“In relation to kids club, first in first served, is this on a daily/session basis or does this mean when numbers are reached no other kids will be accommodated for the entire cruise?”
When you board your cruise, the kids’ clubs will be open for registration so that’s the time to put your child’s name down for the access to the club throughout the cruise. 
We can only accommodate a certain number of children in the clubs on each cruise although we do gear our staffing levels in advance to reflect the number of children sailing in each age group. Even if we reach our kids’ club limit for registrations on the first day, not all children turn up daily. So if you don’t get your child in when you board, it’s worth checking back during the cruise to see if there’s space for them that day in the kids’ club.

“When we booked originally there were age restrictions for cabin occupancy, ie adult with minors during the night (I guess)…I noticed that quite a few cruises now allow the minimum age to be 16 with younger children in room. then just now in the blog something about age restrictions changes coming into force after sept 09. just asking for a little clarification please.”
Only children travelling with parents who are 18 years old on day of sailing can hold a cabin in their name.
From September, young cruisers will have a new place to hang out when a new youth headquarters is introduced for passengers aged between 11 – 17 years. HQ will offer activities including air hockey, karaoke, sport tournaments and hip hop dance classes. There will be opportunities for 11 – 14 years olds to participate in separate activities to those aged 15 – 17 years to cater for their interests.

I hope this really helps you with some of those curly questions.

Stay tuned for more blog posts.

Andrew Spencer
Hotel Director

Pacific Dawn welcomes the team from Channel 9’s Getaway

On Monday, while calling at Port Vila, Pacific Dawn welcomed the crew from the popular travel show, Getaway!

Staying onboard for just two nights, they had a very tight filming schedule. They were spotted filming a variety of different activities including the roaming circus performers, the Pirates of the Pacific Show, an interview with Captain David Box and beach cricket at Isle of Pines. Also, a visit was paid to the children at the three kid’s clubs – Turtle Cove, Shark Shack and the Teen Lounge.

Passengers were very excited and enthusiastic about having the TV crew onboard and grabbed a photo with presenter, Natalie at every chance. Aussies certainly don’t shy away from the camera!

It was great experience having Getaway visit, and we look forward to seeing our magnificent superliner, Pacific Dawn, feature on Australia’s most popular travel TV program.

Stay tuned, we will let you know when to tune in to watch it!

Here is a photo of Getaway Presenter Natalie Gruzlewski with Pacific Dawn’s Captain, David Box.
Natalie Gruzlewski with Pacific Dawn's Captain, David Box
Natalie chatting to passengers

Natalie chatting to passengers

Filming some table tennis action on the Lido Deck

Table tennis action on the Lido Deck

It’s a wrap! Finishing the story at Isle of Pines – just before a game of beach cricket!

Isle of Pines - filming after game of beach cricket

Cruise Director

David Pepper

Anzac DawnWelcome to the Blog and my chance to keep you up to date with events taking place on board Pacific Dawn.

Most recently saw us commemorating ANZAC Day and, as in previous years, we held our own Dawn Memorial Service on board. This was attended by Captain Lorenzo Paoletti, his Senior Officers and Crew as well as Servicemen, Ex Servicemen and fellow passengers, to honour members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I and all those who died and served in military operations for the country.
Anzac ServiceThe service was conducted by Reverend Dr. Russ McKinnon and began with the Australian and New Zealand National Anthems, beautifully sung by Entertainment Staff, Bobbi Walters (New Zealand), Bret Saunders (New Zealand) and Kyle (Australian), who is part of our Pacific Cirque duo. Following this, various ANZAC Day readings and prayers were read by both staff and passengers. As the sun began to rise over the Pacific Ocean, Kyle played the traditional Last Post and the wreath placed over the side of the ship by the Captain and Ex Servicemen.
Wreath at seaAs always, it is an emotional event but also a chance for people from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds to unite and remember those who so bravely fought for our freedom. From a personal point of view, being an Ex Serviceman myself, it was an honour for me to march with the Ex Servicemen and Servicemen on board at the start of the ceremony as well as representing part of the ship’s company, all of whom put so much thought and effort into the service to make it a sensitive, successful occasion. I know it was much appreciated by all the passengers and servicemen who attended. Lest we forget …

Cruise Director
David Pepper

president-of-ni-vanuatuHello again
Hope you have enjoyed our articles so far and found them an interesting insight into our world.  Nice to see so many of you are out there interacting on our Blog and getting to know each other.

On a recent cruise I had another occasion to be proud of working on the first dedicated “Superliner” out of Australian waters – we had the priveledge to sail with us, on their holidays I might add, the President of Ni-Vanuatu and his family. Ni-Vanuatu as many of you might know is the country consisting of Pacific Islands we visit almost every cruise and favourites for many.        
Wow – a head of state dignitary sailing onboard our ship, on holiday being able to relax and enjoy what we have to offer!
Apart from the usual activities that he, the first lady and their three sons were able to enjoy, we requested a get together with our Vanuatu crew onboard. We have 17 Vanuatu nationals working onboard in various positions which we are very proud.
They work tirelessly without once dropping their smiles and representing their islands from a far. Some of you may recognize them from your past travels. I certainly appreciate knowing them all by name. 
president-of-ni-vanuatu-family-and-crew1During the get together, the leader of the crew made a welcoming speech, presented a personal gift that they had purchased themselves and as a finale, they sang the Ni Vanuatu national anthem. The President responded with a speech and a gift back to the crew and his people.

We all had a chance for refreshments, to talk to the president and take pictures to remember this unique occasion.              
We remain proud of all the crew onboard the Pacific Dawn. 

Smooth seas until next time.
Hotel Director

comedy-clubG’day folks this is Dave with the latest entertainment news on the Pacific Dawn.  

I really have been very impressed during my first voyage onboard this beautiful vessel. Yes, of course the crew are amazing and so dedicated and professional but what really make this ship special are the events and activities unique to P&O Australia, for instance “the Sit Down Comedy Club” which is held in our Dome on Deck 14, the perfect late night venue.

Other really good initiatives include our Pacific Cirque Program which brings the Circus to Sea with such things as juggling, hoola hoop, spinning plates, devil stick workshops and stage shows.

pacific-cirqueThen we have our Laser Show in the Atrium which combines music with dance and a spectacular light and sound display. Hip Hop Dancing classes are extremely popular too!  The variety of entertainment onboard Pacific Dawn certainly suits the needs of all our guests.
laser-showBut the Biggest impression made on me has been by our passengers, the majority being Australians who really do have a zest for living!
This is what makes me very proud to be the Cruise Director onboard the Pacific Dawn!

During my last 10 years at sea I’ve had the pleasure to do many spectacular sailaways from many renowned ports around the globe. There is no doubt that a sailaway from Sydney is one of the most striking in the world. Yesterday we had the best possible start to the cruise with the most amazing weather and as you can see from the photos we had an astonishing sunset to wave us farewell.
Hopefully you will be able to join me one day to experience first hand what I am fortunate to be doing right now.  This is truly a memory that will stay with me forever.     
Food & Beverage Director

Hello cyber space! Zoltina-J here with the latest entertainment news on the Pacific Dawn.

Last night we held the International crew show. This is where the crew of Pacific Dawn come out on stage and show off their hidden talents, which are many!
international-crew-showWe had crew from accommodation, food and beverage, laundry and the youth departments entertaining our passengers. The international show lounge was packed for both shows – cheering on the crew as they took to the stage!

It’s a very scary feeling stepping out of your comfort zone and into the limelight – I should know, because I do it every day. It is a daunting feeling but they took to the stage as true professionals. I was very proud!

The theatre came to life with music as the crew came out and sung wonderful love songs, showed off their culture by performing traditional dances from Indonesia and the Philippines. We even had a special guest appearance from Michael Jackson and the “Macho Men”!
crew-after-the-showThe audience loved the show and the crew lapped up the attention. It’s not every day they can show off what they do in their off time.
A big round of applause, well done to the crew of the Pacific Dawn, you made us all very proud to be working on such a wonderful ship.
Have fun everyone and we will talk again soon!

Cruise Director

I often get questions about sea sickness from people who are yet to go on a cruise.

I rarely feel green on this modern superliner – they really handle the weather very well.  In fact, some old “sea dogs” say that its all in the mind………..maybe so for the long time sailor spending all his time on the “Motion of the Ocean”.   

There are a few other remedies which an old sailor once told me which include gently slapping the face of the Captain with a flounder 3 times (not at the first Captain’s Cocktail Party though)…flounder…drinking a glass of iced water whilst standing on one leg and then singing “God Save the Queen” , our Australian passengers have reported good results with “Waltzing Matilda” and lastly a long time favourite of having a wee tot of Navy Rum before bed.

Here are some more practical remedies available for the prevention and treatment of seasickness or “Mal de Mer”:

eating green apples
ginger tablets
wrist bands
avoid excess alcohol / heavy or spicy foods
avoid strong food odours
if it gets rough, locate yourself to the middle of the ship, as low down as possible. The atrium would be a good spot.
avoid reading or watching TV if you feel nauseous
fresh air helps some – take a walk on the Promenade deck
The BEST remedy is seeing the on board doctor on the first day of the cruise for advice and “the needle’ which seems to be the only reliable treatment if you are really going to be sick. It seems to be able to reset your balance mechanism and often settles the nausea for the whole cruise.


Hotel Director

Hello all,
I just came back with the tender from Port Denerau Fiji, totally soaked I might add!


We had to do some local purchases of fresh vegetables – mainly pumpkins. I sincerely believe that we must be one of the biggest consumers of pumpkins on the Seven Seas. With guests and crew consuming an average of 13 tonnes of Food & Beverage per day, sometimes supplies can get a little low. Anyway, it was an excuse for a nice little excursion in the rain.

Now I’m dry and we are well stocked up on pumpkins again.

Food & Beverage Director

Hello all
I have to share a fantastic experience with you today.
gently-does-it1Passengers on this cruise had the unique opportunity to send mail home from “Tin Can Island”, official name Niuafo’ou, Tonga.  A remote island in the Pacific, nicknamed from a unique way of sending mail. 

This tradition started back in the early 1900’s when a local used to swim out to passing ships to deliver and receive mail via a biscuit tin. Yesterday we had a chance to send mail via our own sealed tins. The “Boson” did a great job making the tins.      

All the cards and letters posted by passengers and crew were specially postmarked “Mail sent via Tin Can from Pacific Dawn”.  Wow, what a memory!    

Out the locals come, about a mile offshore, eager to collect the tins, the small fee we pay and some gifts we have hidden in the can.    

Preparing to let em’ have it. We put flags of interest on the tins: P&O for the company, Australian and of course an Italian flag for the Captain.     


Gently does it, precious cargo going over the side. Never mind, the tins are waterproof and the mail is in safe hands. Watched eagerly by the owners of the mail. 


Last one, the Captains mail “always should be the last to leave a ship”.   No worries it’s all in good hands.  


The guys did a great job and all had a memory of a lifetime to share. The question remains as to when it will arrive though!
We then sailed off into the midday sun and onwards to our next adventure…

Smooth seas until next time.
Hotel Director

Welcome Dawn “Bloggers”…or should I say fellow “Dawners” as we embark on the dawn of a new era, which it certainly is here on P&O Cruises’ Pacific Dawn. I am fortunate enough to be Head of the Hotel Department, responsible for the largest department onboard this floating hotel. Home porting out of beautiful Sydney Harbour, Pacific Dawn is a sleek and graceful lady that safely carrys both passengers and crew to exotic locations in the South Pacific.

savu-savuToday we arrived at Savu Savu – a beautiful fishing township in Fiji. With Black Pearl farms, cultural villages, hot springs and even a coconut processing plant, there is much to explore. This morning we were greeted with perfect sunshine, blue skies, 26 degrees and a cool breeze, I sound like a brochure – but its hard not to.



After several days at sea from Sydney, the passengers were eager to explore and experience what this island had to offer. Maybe they will tell you all about it when they return back home.

I will certainly have more for you next time. For now, I must go and attend to the returning guests from their exiting day ashore.

Will catch up with you all again soon. Smooth Seas until next time,

Hotel Director

Hello fellow cruise enthusiasts! My name is Zoltina-J. I am the Cruise Director on the beautiful Pacific Dawn.Originally from Manly in NSW but I currently live in the UK. Today is a glorious day at sea. The seas are calm and the sun is shining!

Last night we had a ship full of Pirates, roaming the decks, running a muck, all for the new production show “Pirates of the Pacific” starring the Pacific Entertainers and Pacific Showband.


This new production show gets the audience involved, either by going fishing, firing cannons or dressing fellow buccaneers. It was great seeing not just kids getting dressed up and into the spirit of it, but also adults of all ages.

I was asked if people get dressed up like this every cruise? This made me think how involved Australians get when it comes to theme nights and fancy dress. Its a great feeling when I see so many people getting involved either by being Pirates, Island Girls (that goes for both Men and Women) or Cowboys.

PirateI love this job as there is never a dull moment!

Remember this when you are packing for your next cruise: we have many theme nights for your chance to impress. Keep in mind the longer the cruise, the more theme nights you get!

I have to run, I need to prepare to be a Cowboy…

Talk to you again soon.

Cruise Director

cd-david-pepperBorn in Liverpool, England over 50 years ago I joined the “Wrong Navy” at 16, serving 24 years as a Royal Navy Physical Training Instructor. In December 2003 I joined the QM2 start up team and worked with Cunard for over five years the last three years as Cruise Director on the QE2 and QM2.

In January this year I was given the marvelous opportunity to join P&O Australia and serve on both the Pacific Sun and Pacific Dawn travelling and working in this amazing part of the world. “Lucky Davo”


Here, the Pacific Dawn crew will share what life is really like onboard.

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