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Hi Everyone

I have just returned from the Cherry Blossom re-union in the Bengal Bar.  What a fantastic party and so brilliant to see so many friends who traveled with us around Asia last year.
Cherry Blossom Reunion 1Cherry Blossom Reunion 2

I think we have approximately one hundred ex blossomers on here at the moment and talking with my counterpart,  Jane, on the Pacific Sun I believe there are currently another thirty on there.  For those of you who traveled with us on that cruise you will not be surprised to learn that there was much laughter as we discussed the tea bag hoarders and the prune shortage.
Cherry Blossom Reunion 3Cherry Blossom Reunion 4

The party was a huge success and it was very moving when P&O received a standing ovation from the passengers for arranging the event.  This really is cruising at its best.
Cherry Blossom Reunion 5Cherry Blossom Reunion 6

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