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PD CrewHi Everyone

My first blog as Passenger Services Director on the Pacific Dawn and there is no shortage of news.

I am sure many of you followed the story of our last cruise to Queensland and back.  On arrival in Sydney we were given a clean bill of health and commended by the NSW health official who had been sailing with us.

Our passenger feedback was overwhelmingly positive and supported by fantastic comments, including:

“We had a wonderful time. P&O Cruises could not have done more to look after us. We haven’t stopped raving and will be booking again.”

“I was unconcerned by the drama, I think I feel better now than when I got on. I’ve been lying in the sun, it was beautiful. Everyone just partied on. That’s what we’re supposed to do on a cruise ship isn’t it?”

“If you had to be quarantined somewhere I couldn’t have thought of a better place… because we got fed, the drinks tasted the same and the staff were fantastic. The majority of people onboard had a good time. They’re obviously disappointed that we missed out on our ports of call, but it was a fantastic trip.”

I know many of you were concerned about our hardworking Pacific Dawn crew during the cruise.  On Monday night, all crew were personally thanked by our CEO Ann Sherry and Captain Box. The Captain, the doctor and I then hosted a BBQ on the outside deck and put on an amazing Asian buffet for all crew. 
PD Captain & Crew Crew then relaxed with a disco held in the Dome.

Dome nightclub

A well deserved moment of relaxation for everyone before we started preparing for our 28 day “Pearls of the Pacific” cruise.

Captain & Bar StaffCaptain & the Bar staff

Speak to you again soon.

Passenger Services Director


PSD Simon TromanHi to all Bloggers! I recently joined Pacific Dawn in the exciting role as Hotel Director.

Born in the United Kingdom, I joined my first ship, the original Pacific Princess (also known as The Love Boat), in October 1987 in Marseilles France.

I joined Pacific Dawn on 5 May 2009 and what really stands out about P&O Cruises are our fantastic Australian and New Zealand passengers who make my job a pleasure, and secondly the crew – the friendliest I have ever worked with!

With a team of dedicated colleagues I head up a department that offers you Food and Beverage, Accommodation, Entertainment, Medical Services, Casino, Boutiques, Photography , Shore Excursions, Spa Services, Laundry,  Art, logistics, banking administration and many other facilities.

I look forward to meeting you onboard Pacific Dawn soon.


Hello cyber space! Zoltina-J here with the latest entertainment news on the Pacific Dawn.

Last night we held the International crew show. This is where the crew of Pacific Dawn come out on stage and show off their hidden talents, which are many!
international-crew-showWe had crew from accommodation, food and beverage, laundry and the youth departments entertaining our passengers. The international show lounge was packed for both shows – cheering on the crew as they took to the stage!

It’s a very scary feeling stepping out of your comfort zone and into the limelight – I should know, because I do it every day. It is a daunting feeling but they took to the stage as true professionals. I was very proud!

The theatre came to life with music as the crew came out and sung wonderful love songs, showed off their culture by performing traditional dances from Indonesia and the Philippines. We even had a special guest appearance from Michael Jackson and the “Macho Men”!
crew-after-the-showThe audience loved the show and the crew lapped up the attention. It’s not every day they can show off what they do in their off time.
A big round of applause, well done to the crew of the Pacific Dawn, you made us all very proud to be working on such a wonderful ship.
Have fun everyone and we will talk again soon!

Cruise Director


Here, the Pacific Dawn crew will share what life is really like onboard.

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